Refrigeration and heat pumping systems

State of the art

  • heat transfer from low temperature to high temperature providing work,
  • used in household appliances, automotive industry, aircraft industry, process, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, building system installation.

What do we do?

  • simulations,
  • field test,
  • experimental evaluation and optimization of systems.

Modification of existing devices/elements, Predicitive control of devices/elements

Within this domain we are intensively working on improving the energy efficiency of systems and devices that are based on vapor-compression cycles as well as Peltier effect. Our work is based on numerical as well as experimental research studies in a laboratory and real environments. Based on numerical simulations several components of a system/device are optimized which impacts the performance of a system/device. Evaluation of energy efficiency of a device or a system can be used to evaluate new solutions on existing devices/systems. To achieve those results the following measures are used:

  • Integration of new elements inside the system/device (heat exchangers, heat or sound insulation, regulation valves, …),
  • Modification of existing elements (geometry of a heat exchanger, mass charge of a refrigerant, boundary conditions of a device/system performance…) and
  • Predictive control of a device/system by considering the optimization criteria of system performance. Those criteria can be: energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, comfort, etc.

Experts in the field

prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski
prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski
dr. Boris Vidrih
dr. Boris Vidrih
dr. Primož Poredoš
dr. Primož Poredoš
Nada Petelin
Nada Petelin

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