Ferofluidno toplotno stikalo v magnetokalorični napravi

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Skupaj z raziskovalci z Univerze v Twenteju smo objavili raziskavo implementaciji ferofluidnega toplotnega stikala v magnetokalorično napravo.

Povezava do članka: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.isci.2022.103779


Thermal switches are advanced heat-management devices that represent a new opportunity to improve the energy efficiency and power density of caloric devices. In this study we have developed a numerical model to analyze the operation and the performance of static thermal switches in caloric refrigeration. The investigation comprises a parametric analysis of a realistic ferrofluidic thermal switch in terms of the maximum temperature span, cooling power, and coefficient of performance. The highest achieved temperature span between the heat source and the heat sink was 1.12 K for a single embodiment, which could be further developed into a regenerative system to increase the temperature span. A sensitivity analysis is conducted to correlate the relationship between the input parameters and the results. We show that thermal switches can be used in caloric devices even when switching ratios are small, which greatly extends the possibilities to implement different types of thermal switches.