Static electro-permanent magnetic for magnetic cooling

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In the article Towards powerful magnetocaloric devices with static electro-permanent magnets, published in the Journal of Advanced Research (IF 10.479), researchers from the Laboratory for Refrigeration and District Energy of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering report on a new approach – the concept of an energy-efficient electro-permanent magnetic field source with no moving parts.

The scientific article presents a study on an electro-permanent magnet for use in a magnetocaloric device that was first numerically evaluated, then designed, manufactured, and experimentally tested. They have demonstrated energy efficiency of more than 80% of such a magnet and operation at frequencies up to 50 Hz, which is crucial for future high-frequency and high-power-density magnetocaloric devices. Energy efficiency can be further improved, and the developed concept is also useful in the field of linear motors.

The article is available here.