Small-scale vapor-compression system

Small-scale vapor-compression system

The small-scale vapor compression system enables

  • measurements of system performance (up to 250 W of cooling power)
  • capillary tube test bench
  • parametric analyses on system components
  • measurements of system dynamics
  • pull down tests

The small-scale experimental vapor-compression system enables us to imitate the vapor-compression cycle in systems of up to 250 W of cooling power, such as household refrigerators. The system consists of a compressor, a capillary tube, an evaporator and a condenser. The test bench is equipped with a Coriolis mass flow meter, 10 pressure sensors and 32 temperature sensors, and is regulated with a PID control scheme to enable the observation of different operating conditions. The test bench is primarily intended for mathematical model validation and research of capillary tube flows.

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