PhD position: Efficient thermal control elements for caloric refrigeration

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Do you want to leave a footprint in one of today’s most important research area of thermal engineering? You are offered a PhD position in the research group of prof. Andrej Kitanovski.


About the topic

The latest research activities in the field of the heat transfer regard the phenomena and processes, which enable passive or active control of the thermal resistance or the heat flux direction. These types of processes can be realized with the thermal control elements: thermal diodes, thermal switches, thermal regulators and thermal transistors, respectively.

The doctoral research project targets research and evaluation of different processes, which, on the macroscopic scale, enable realization of highly efficient thermal switch or thermal diode. The work will comprise a comprehensive study in the field of solid-state physics and heat transfer, both of which represent an important basis for understanding the processes and operation of thermal control elements. The research activities will comprise fundamentals for numerical modelling of thermal control elements, concepts and design of a thermal control element, optimization of physical and geometrical properties, realization of the conceptual device and experimental validation of the numerical model and the operation performance.

The doctoral project represents a high level of interdisciplinary research. The candidate will perform a 3-6 months stay in the foreign research institution in the EU or the USA, including shorter stays during the active visits at international conferences in the field of research.

Obligatory knowledge:

  • master or equivalent education in the field of physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry or other similar domain from natural sciences or technology,
  • active speaking/writing in English,
  • experience and knowledge in programming (Python, Matlab, etc.).

The advantage will be given to candidates with:

  • good knowledge in the field of heat transfer and solid-state physics,
  • experience and knowledge: software tools, such are Ansys or Comsol,
  • experience in the lab work, and knowledge of LabView software.

It is important to emphasize that the doctoral research project is accepted by the candidate not as the job occupation, but as the research study and the mission to bring a globally important and recognized research result.


Starting date: 1 October 2019

Duration of stipend/salary: 4 years

Organization: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Research field: Process Mechanical Engineering

Application deadline: 15th June 2019

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Type of contract: temporary

Job-status: full-time

Hours per week: 40


The interested candidates should contact us before 1st June 2019 via, we will then provide additional instructions.

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