MRS 2023 live again

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After a period of virtual MRS meetings, the Spring Meeting 2023 was once again held in person. Around 2000 researchers, engineers and company representatives from all over the world gathered in San Francisco to present the results of their materials research and applications.

Also 6 members of LAHDE laboratory presented their results at the meeting:

– invited lecture held by prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski (Thermal Management in Caloric Devices),

– assist. prof. dr. Jaka Tušek (Improving Efficiency of Elastocaloric Cycles by Applying Novel Thermodynamic Cycles and Proper Training Regime),

– dr. Urban Tomc (Digital Microfluidic Thermal Switch in Magnetocaloric Cooling),

– dr. Stefano Dall’Olio (Fatigue Resistant Elastocaloric Regenerative Cooler / Heat Pump Showing High Performance),

– dr. Katja Klinar (TCCbuilder: an Open-Source Tool for the Design and Evaluation of Thermal Circuits in Calorics and Other Applications),

– Nada Petelin (Thermal Switch Capacitor in a Magnetocaloric Device).

More info available here.