State of the art

  • ability to manipulate small (micro) volumes of liquids
  • lab-on-chip technology, micro-propulsion, micro-thermal management

What we do?

  • implementation of fluidic thermal switches to caloric refrigeration

Microfluidics deal with the flow of fluids which are geometrically constrained to a sub-millimeter scale. Generally, microfluidics is divided into two domains, passive and active microfluidics. Passive microfluidic systems are usually driven by means of the capillary action, while active microfluidic systems incorporate micropumps or microvalves to transport fluids. By application of microfluidic systems a precise control and manipulation (transport, mixing, separation, etc.) of small volumes may be achieved, such as in inkjet printheads, lab-on-chip technology, DNA chips, micro-propulsion and micro-thermal technologies.

Although most microfluidic devices are based on a continuous flow of liquids, there has been an increasing interest for the past couple of years in devices that rely on manipulation of discrete droplets using surface tension effects. One such technique is ElectroWetting On Dielectric (EWOD), which is based on wettability of liquids on a dielectric solid surface by varying the electrical potential.

In our lab we are researching the potential applicability of EWOD principle to be applied as thermal switch, specifically in caloric technologies or generally for thermal management of electronic devices.


Experts in the field

prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski
prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski
dr. Urban Tomc
dr. Urban Tomc
Katja Klinar
Katja Klinar

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