Microfluidic flow controller

Microfluidic flow controller

Microfluidic flow controller OB1 MK3 + Elveflow

  • has the option of 4 channels, currently 2 are ready,
  • the channels allow a pressure from -900 to 6000 mbar,
  • the controller is controlled by a computer program,
  • it is possible to connect a flow meter,
  • the pressure change is controlled depending on time and pressure,
  • allows possible pressure profiles: constant, linear, sinusoidal, pulsating, triangular or any function,
  • the fluid can be any, but must be compatible with the microfluidic chip.
Strojna fakulteta-LADHE

The microfluidic flow controller works according to the principle shown in the figure on the right (source: Elveflow). A compressor (or compressed air in a cylinder ) must be connected to OB1 to ensure sufficient positive /negative pressure. The air pipes leading to the reservoir are connected to OB1 from the front. Liquid inside the reservoir flows from the reservoir to the microfluidic chip. By providing positive or negative pressure to the air inside the reservoir, we can regulate the flow very precisely and determine the direction of the liquid through the microfluidic chip.



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