Magnetocaloric energy conversion

State of the art

  • ability to cool or refrigerate utilizing magnetocaloric materials and magnets,
  • display cabinets, wine coolers, heat pumps,
  • parallel plate or packed bed active magnetic regenerators (AMRs).

What do we do?

  • design and optimization of magnetocaloric prototypes,
  • numerical and experimental optimization of key components (AMR, magnets, peripheral systems),
  • design and optimization of AMRs,
  • numerical and experimental optimization of ACRs.

Alternative refrigeration technologies

We are also focused on the development of new, alternative technologies based on solid state physics, specifically ferroic cooling. In the latter, the most effort is directed to the development and optimization of the magnetocaloric, electrocaloric and elastocaloric cooling devices. In this area we are representing one of the leading engineering laboratory research groups in the world.

One of the leading projects at the moment is the development of a Magnetocaloric wine cooler, which we are developing in collaboration with Slovenian company of household appliances Gorenje. One of the major advantages of this prototype to the today’s state-of-the-art is the application of the fully static and rare-earth-free magnetic field source with magnetic energy recovery, which we had developed in our lab and published the results in a renowned scientific journal Applied Energy.

In 2015 we published a book titled Magnetocaloric Energy Conversion: From Theory to Applications with the international publisher Springer, which is one of the first in the field of magnetocalorics.


Experts in the field

prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski
prof. dr. Andrej Kitanovski
dr. Urban Tomc
dr. Urban Tomc
Katja Klinar
Katja Klinar
Simon Nosan
Simon Nosan
dr. Stefano Dall'Olio
dr. Stefano Dall’Olio

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