Laser-flash apparatus Netzsch LFA 467 Hyperflash

LAser-flash method for measuring thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity

Netzsch LFA 467 Hyperflash provides:

  • measurements in temperature range from -100° C to 500° C,
  • measurements of specific heat capacity and thermal diffusivity/conductivity,
  • thermal characterization of conductive and insulating materials,
  • measurements with anisotropic samples, multi-layered samples, thin and thick samples, foils, liquids, pastes,
  • creating pressure for measurements with pressurized samples.

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple and is shown in the picture on the right. A short laser pulse is applied to the lower surface of the sample with parallel surfaces, during which only a thin layer of the sample is rapidly heated. Due to heat transfer, a heat wave travels through the sample to the upper surface, which is heated. Heat transfer as a function of time is detected with an infrared (IR) detector. Thermal diffusivity is obtained from the measurements. By using reference materials, we can also obtain information about the specific heat and thermal conductivity of the measured sample.



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