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Modern problems require modern solutions (Dave Cappelle)

Basic research solutions

The knowledge that explains physical phenomena and laws

follows exclusively from numerical simulations or basic calculations.

These cannot be implemented directly without further work,

but they can be validated with a conceptual device.

Applicative solutions

The findings result from empirical work and basic calculations,

which can also be a continuation of basic research.

The findings can be directly implemented to improve

devices or processes, often with prototype devices.

    Industrial solutions

    The findings from the two previous phases are upgraded

    for direct application in

    production line for industrial processes.


    Our services are divided into two areas:

    Industrial processes, district energy and urban energy:

    • Optimization of industrial processes
    • Heat transfer in industrial processes
    • Drying processes
    • Heating and cooling
    • Evaluation of energy systems
    • Concepts and design of energy systems
    • Renewable and natural energy sources/sinks
    • Optimization of district heating and district cooling systems

    Systems and devices in buildings:

    • (Dynamic) optimization of heat flows
    • Predictive control and virtual prototyping
    • Heat/cold storage
    • Cooling and heating
    • Optimization of combined mass and heat flows
    • Heat Exchangers

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