Experimental heat pump/cooling device

Experimental heat pump/cooling device

The experimental heat pump/cooling device enables:

  • heat and cold generation
  • comparison of device performance with water- and air-evaporator
  • refrigerant mass flow, pressure and temperature measurements
  • ability to set a large number of operating parameters
Water evaporator of an experimental heat pump/cooling device

Water evaporator of an experimental heat pump/cooling device

The Experimental Heat Pump is a custom-made device with the following components: an air evaporator, a water evaporator, a water condenser, a twin rotary compressor and an expansion valve. Refrigerant mass flow measurements are performed by a Coriolis mass flow meter. The system also allows for the pressure and temperature measurements in all the significant points of a cooling cycle. Besides, compressor electrical power is also measured. All variables can be monitored in real time in the LabVIEW software environment, which also enables the storage and possible further use of the measured data. A special feature of the system is its modular design, which makes it easier to replace all the main components of the system. Currently, two types of evaporators (air and water) are already installed in the system. This allows for the determination of the energy efficient use of energy for heat or cold production.


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