CHC Caloric Heating and Cooling seminar, Twente 2020

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Eurotherm CHC (Caloric Heating and Cooling) 2020 is another scientific seminar that was postponed from last year to 2021. It took place virtually between 13 and 15 July. The LAHDE laboratory participated in 4 conference papers and an invited lecture:

  • Cool future: magnetocaloric devices based on static and rare earth free
    magnetic field sources (Urban Tomc, Stefano Dall’Olio, Katja Klinar, Simon Nosan, Urška Erjavec, Matej Šadl, Hana Uršič, Andrej Kitanovski)
  • New concept of electromagnetic field source for magnetic refrigeration (Simon Nosan, Urban Tomc, Katja Klinar, Andrej Kitanovski)
  • Numerical tool for evaluation of static thermal switches in caloric
    refrigeration and heat pumping (Katja Klinar, Katja Vozel, Andrej Kitanovski)
  • Elastocaloric materials for active cooling regenerators (Lucia Ianniciello, Jaka Tušek, Lluid Manosa, Eduard Vives, Kurt Engelbrecht)
  • Thermo-hydraulic analysis of shell-and-tube-like geometries for
    elastocaloric regenerators (Žiga Ahčin, Jierong Liang, Kurt Englebrecht, Jaka Tušek)

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