The Laboratory for Refrigeration and District Energy is active in scientific research and the educational process at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, while also being closely tied to the professional and industrial field. All these activities are complemented because we are aware that research is crucial for the quality of educational and professional work.

Our areas of expertise are the fields of Heat and Mass Transfer, Refrigeration, Alternative refrigeration, Heat pumps and District energy systems.

In addition to educational activities we are involved with research and development in the field of energy and environmental technology. Basic research is conducted in the field of mass and heat transfer, heating and cooling. We model processes and their results are validated by measurements on laboratory models and real systems. In addition to research and development of conventional refrigeration processes and systems, numerous research and development projects in the field of district heating and cooling are performed, especially innovative technologies of ferroic cooling.

Based on our high-quality research results, we are continuously cooperating with Slovenian and foreign industries from the field of refrigeration and district energy, as well as with a number of international institutions and universities.